Color Variation- Why it is Important in Web Designing?

Color Variation- Why it is Important in Web Designing?

You can become a good designer if and only if you have very good sense of colors, how they work for express feelings, how they can look good by combination and how much intensity of color will be reasonable; these are the factors on which skills of any designer based. In simple worlds if you are good player of colors you can be a good designer. Most of the designers do not realize the effect of color selection on the visitors and due to which they cannot give you design which can attract the visitors. The understanding with color, not the colors but actually the combination of colors, is very important in order to target a specific audience. Colors should be according to the nature of your audience.

There are some factors on the base of which the color selection should be vary.

1. Age: Age is very important factor which change the taste of anybody about everything such as colors. So you must have to do study well about your audience age for which you are making website and select the color according to the age. For example if the website is about children’s products then the colors should be shining, and if website is for old aged people then it should have light and decent colors.

2. Cultural Difference: Liking and unliking also vary region to region. The taste about colors can also be changes from region to region due to cultural difference. So be care full about the culture of your region for which you want to make the website.

3. Social Status: Class of the people may also influence on the choice of people and Raccoon Removal, working class likes the prominent colors e.g. red, green yellow, blue etc. and high class and educated people like the sophisticated colors such as azure and mauve.



These are some points that can help web designing companies to select the colors according to specific community.

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